Professional Experience

Work Experience

Binayak Sen is currently the Director General at the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies. During 2004-2009, he was on leave from the institute and worked as a Senior Economist at the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

He has been a Visiting Research Fellow at the Research Administration Department of the World Bank in 1992. Besides, he has extensive international consulting experience working for organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, UN-ESCAP, UNDP, and WHO.

Dr. Sen was also involved in teaching of various economic development courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the past, including North-South University (2002-2004), BRAC University (2004), Dhaka University (1999), and National University (1998-2001).

Experience in National Economic Policy Making

As development practitioner Dr. Sen has served on a number of national committees, including Public Expenditure Review Commission (2002-4), Macroeconomic Consultative Committee to the Ministry of Finance (1997-2001), Task Force on Reorganizing the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (1996), and played an important role in the preparation of I-PRSP for Bangladesh (2001-3). He also led the Bangladesh Human Development Report carried out jointly with the Bangladesh Planning Commission and UNDP (2001).

Experience in Institutional Development

Dr. Sen was a Founding Member of the Governing Body of Social Development Foundation–an independent executing agency set up with the assistance of the World Bank and Govt. of Bangladesh to support social development activities during 2000-2004.

He also served as a Member of the International Steering Committee of the South Asia Network of Economic Institutes (SANEI)—a Regional Network Supported by the Global Development Network (GDN) during 1998-2001.